Alat Pengukur suhu Infrared Thermometer ST652 Range : -25~600℃(-13~1,112℉)

Infrared Themometer ST652 adalah alat pengukur suhu
mudah digunakan sudah dilengkapi inframerah Range -25~600℃(-13~1,112℉),


Specifications ST652
Distance/Spot Ratio 12:1
Temperature Range -25~600℃(-13~1,112℉)
Accuracy ( Assumes Operation Ambient Temperature of 25°C / 77°F)
Thermopile 5~14μm
Repeatability ±1oC(±2oF)
Resolution 0.1oC(0.1oF)
Response Time 500ms
Operation Temp 0~50oC(32~122oF),10~90%RH
Auto Power Off Automatically after approx. 6sec
Emissivity 0.95 0.95 Adj.0.1~1.0

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